Lone Star Thermal Engineering

Lone Star Thermal Engineering designs heat transfer solutions using plate heat exchanger technology. We are based in Houston Texas.
Our factory is located in Shanghai.

Our factory engineering and manufacturing group draws on over forty years of experience designing and building plate heat exchangers. The depth and breadth of our product technology is second to none. Many, different industries have benefited from our innovative concepts. Energy conservation, process improvement, space saving are just a few areas of thermal technology leadership.

Plate Heat Exchanger

One is composed of multiple, thin, slightly separated plates that have very large surface areas and fluid flow passages for heat transfer. This stacked-plate arrangement can be more effective, in a given space, than the shell and tube heat exchanger. Advances in  gasket and technology have made the plate-type heat exchanger increasingly practical. In applications, large heat exchangers of this type are called plate-and-frame; when used in open loops, these heat exchangers are normally of the gasket type to allow periodic disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. There are many types of permanently bonded plate heat exchangers, such as dip-brazed, vacuum-brazed, and welded plate varieties, and they are often specified for closed-loop applications such asrefrigeration. Plate heat exchangers also differ in the types of plates that are used, and in the configurations of those plates. Some plates may be stamped with "chevron", dimpled, or other patterns, where others may have machined fins and/or grooves.