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Thermal Engineering blue men heat exchanger bronze

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  • Over 3000 Welded Wide Gap Heat Exchangers Successfully in Use
  • ASME Code Stamped, Section VIII, Div. 1
  • Thermal Plate Alloys: 316L SS, Duplex SS, Nickel Alloys, Titanium
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Lone Star Thermal Engineering -Welded Wide Gap HX

Welded Wide Gap HX

Handles High Solid Content and Viscous Fluids
  • Gap space between plates between 5/16” to ¾” (19mm) max
  • Easy cleanability with straight through access from both ends
  • Resistant to suspended abrasive particles


Block HX - Lone Star Thermal Engineering

Block HX

Best Heat Recovery Heat Exchanger
  • High thermal transfer rate
  • Low approaching temperature design for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Resistant to fouling and clogging - saving maintenance dollars


Hybrid HX - Lone Star Thermal Engineering

Hybrid HX

Handles Phase Change & Higher Pressure and Temperature
  • Designed for mixed phase fluids
  • Large throughput design possible, 20,000 ft2 plate area
  • Compact volume and footprint for large capacity HX


Plate and Frame HX - Lone Star Thermal Engineering

Plate and Frame HX

High Efficiency, Easy Cleaning & Good Value
  • Alloy plates formed using designed pattern for increased heat transfer
  • Used to heat or cool a process fluid with a media fluid