Performance of Wide-Channel Welded Plate Heat Exchanger for Bayer Precipitation Process

Based on the agglomeration, the hydromechanical and the thermodynamic mechanisms, the scaling characteristics of sodium aluminate solution on the heat transfer wall were explored. The performances of the wide-channel plate heat exchanger after scaling were investigated. With scaling on the surface, the heat transfer coefficient and the slurry flow rate would decrease, and the pump’s power consumption and the pressure drop of the heat exchanger increase. The precipitation yield would also be impacted due to heat transfer deterioration. In addition, scaling on the heat transfer surface would also cause higher local flow rate and erosion acceleration, thereby shortening the equipment service life. Finally, the vertical wide-channel plate heat exchanger and the equipment quantitative management implemented by an intelligent IIot platform are proposed to improve the equipment performance.

Ren Libo, Zhang Manli, He Hailan, Wang Xinyan and Zhang Limei
TRAVAUX 49, Proceedings of the 38th International ICSOBA Conference, 16 – 18 November 2020
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