Erosion Investigation of Liquid-Solid Two Phase in Wide-channel Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Eroded plate by foreign objects

In the wide-channel welded plate heat exchanger, the two-phase flow characteristics and the wall erosion in the channel with existence of cylindrical objects was studied. The finding shows that the liquid velocity around the cylindrical objects increases sharply and consequently the erosion on the plate surface surrounding the cylindrical object is accelerated, and the erosion …

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Improvement in Control Strategy to Maximize Productivity and Enhance Hydrate Particle Strength in Bayer Precipitation Circuit

Maximizing of alumina precipitation per liter of circulated liquor (liquor productivity or yield) is a key objective of an alumina refinery which reduces operating costs as the yield increases. An equally important KPI (key performance indicator) in alumina production is the hydrate strength which is critical to avoid high attrition (tendency of alumina to breakdown …

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Performance of Wide-Channel Welded Plate Heat Exchanger for Bayer Precipitation Process

Scale on the heat transfer wall

Based on the agglomeration, the hydromechanical and the thermodynamic mechanisms, the scaling characteristics of sodium aluminate solution on the heat transfer wall were explored. The performances of the wide-channel plate heat exchanger after scaling were investigated. With scaling on the surface, the heat transfer coefficient and the slurry flow rate would decrease, and the pump’s …

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